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Ensuring ungulate populations recover in areas negatively impacted by wolves


Officers / Board Members

Justin Webb

Executive Director


My name is Justin Webb, I’m a fourty-four year old, father of three, who is blessed to have a very understanding wife, two grown daughters, and a sixteen year old son, who all sacrifice a great deal to support me in my passions, and the time I dedicate to F4WM. I’m an avid outdoorsman who grew up off the grid, and learned young that Hunting and Fishing are an important part of my family heritage, and providing for one’s family. I am passionate about wildlife conservation, and the Idea of "Leaving Idaho better then we found it". I enjoy being in the back country, hunting, fishing, or camping with my family, as well as supporting my son in his sports activities. I’m currently a Hunting Guide for Clark Fork Outfitters, and do some Commercial Fishing in the off season. A carpenter by trade, I have worked industrial construction as a pipe fitter, done quality control on a rock crusher, and ran my own residential construction company for a number of years…  I’d have to say the one job I enjoyed the most was working as a Wildlife Tech for Idaho Fish and Game. Being in the outdoors and improving wildlife habitat is quite rewarding, as is working to manage wolf numbers for the good of all Idaho’s Wildlife. Contrary to the belief of some, I am not Anti-Wolf. In fact, the more time I spend around wolves, the more respect I have for them. They are an amazing predator and are extremely smart. Unfortunately they also breed much faster than sportsmen can harvest them, so managing their numbers is an increasingly difficult task!

As the Executive Director for the Foundation for Wildlife Management, the majority of my efforts are spent working to expand our program, and generating funding for wolf harvest reimbursements. I answer the phones when people have questions, handle the majority of our email communications, operate our social media pages, and try to keep our membership current on what’s going on within the program through newsletters and on our website. Another portion of my time is spent attending Idaho Fish and Game and Commission meetings, promoting liberal wolf harvest seasons and opportunities, giving presentations and helping educate people about wolves, the effect they have had on our wildlife, and wolf trapping. Although I am not the founder of F4WM (as many mistake me to be), I am very passionate about our cause, and have been part of the program since our first year. My own efforts in wolf management taught me quickly that successfully harvesting wolves takes time, dedication, patients, perseverance, and a lot of gas money. Although I trap a few each year, targeting wolves has been an ongoing bout of hard learned lessons, and is far more work than I ever expected. I truly believe in this program and know that many of Idaho’s top trappers could not continue to remove wolves without F4WM.

"United we stand, Divided we fall" - Is a mantra constantly on my mind. Now more than ever, All Sportsmen, Ranchers, and Concerned Citizens, need to stand together to ensure the longevity of our heritage, and way of life… “Lace up your Boots, Pass the Hat, We’ve Got a Job to do!”

Robert Roman



Growing up in the Idaho panhandle during the 60s and 70s, Robert heard his share of elk hunting stories from his father and older siblings. As soon as he was able, Robert joined his family on their annual meat gathering expeditions. Come evening, when his father led the grace before meal, elk was often the main dish. Elk hunting was also the main subject at many a meal. Robert enjoyed trapping bobcat, coyote, muskrat, pine martin, and other furbearers during his teen years. Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert and his wife, Karen, raised their twelve children on a healthy diet of elk and outdoor adventures.

Robert started working in the logging business as a timber faller in 1979. In 1989 He started his own logging business and continues to work as a logging contractor these 30 years later. Working in the forest keeps him close to the land and the animals that live there in. His eldest sons had just gotten the taste for elk hunting when the reintroduced Canadian wolves decimated the local elk herds. A few years’ later Canadian wolves were delisted and Idaho opened hunting and trapping seasons. Robert stepped up to the plate and took his first wolf in 2010 by hunting and has caught over 40 wolves since. He continues to trap and hunt wolves in an effort to help Idaho’s struggling ungulate populations.

Robert was the 50th member of the Foundation for Wildlife Management, the first member to receive a reimbursement check and, the first lifetime member. He was elected to the F4WM board of directors in August of 2016 and became President in August of 2018. Robert enjoys working with the determined F4WM team, to help restore balance amongst wildlife, and pass on abundant opportunity to future generations.

Gary Finney

Vice President


My name is Gary Finney. I am co-owner of Finney custom sawing which is a logging and custom milling company in the Coeur d'Alene area. My wife of 35 years, Mary Jo and I have Four children, Sarah, Rachel, Ben and Will. I am serving as vice president of F4WM. I was born in Coeur d’Alene in 1962. The ninth child in 11 of a logging family. I was in the woods working with my dad and brothers at a very young age. We worked and played in the mountains, rivers and lakes of North Idaho, the mountains drawing me more than the water. I became fascinated with the antlered critters that roam our beautiful mountains. I love hunting the deer, elk and moose especially, be it bow, muzzle loader or rifle. I have spent countless days gathering up shed antlers, numbering and cataloging them ever since I was a boy. I enjoyed many years of hunting the abundant big game in the Idaho panhandle, taking many nice trophies and being blessed with that wonderful meat. Then came the wolf and things started to change. Over the past ten years I have seen our elk numbers drop significantly. With the opening of the 2009 and 2010 wolf season, I started hunting the wolves. Taking wolf number 1 in that first season. Then came trapping and I became hooked on that. I do it to help our elk, deer and moose and to bring what balance I can to the predator, prey dynamic. I have driven over 10,000 miles checking my wolf traps this season of 2018/2019. Trapping is a big commitment, but I really enjoy being out there, hopefully making a difference. Thank you for your support of F4WM. Gary Finney.

Rusty Kramer

Board Member


Hello my name is Rusty Kramer and I am the president of the Idaho Trappers Association. I live in Fairfield with my girlfriend Missy and my two teenage boys Remington and Dawson. I farm and am a watermaster for the water district. I also am the head coach of the high school football team. I trap mainly coyotes, fox and cats but I do dabble in some water trapping and quite a bit of summer beaver work. I have trapped every animal legal to trap in Idaho including cougars and have caught and have caught and released a dozen wolves before I got to legally harvest one this season. I have the awesome opportunity of trapping with my father every season since I started when I was little.

My family has been involved in the Idaho Trappers Association since before I was born. I did two terms as director, one as a Vice President before I was elected Idaho Trappers Association president back in 2017. I have been working very hard on unifying the trappers of Idaho and unifying sportsmen groups. After I had recruited Justin Webb to be on the ITA board back in 2016, I expressed interest on running for a board position for F4WM. I was elected to the F4WM board in Aug of 2018. I am excited about this new challenge of giving the F4WM a voice in southern Idaho. Also, I am a huge proponent of sportsmen groups working together and am excited that I am on both boards and can continue to have both groups closely working together.

Bill Beck

Board Member


Born and raised in Michigan growing up on a small family farm where I could target shoot and hunt small game and whitetail deer on our property. Graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s degree and following college joined that US Marine Corps and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in June 1969 at QUANTICO, VIRGINIA.

I have been an ardent out doors person all my life, enjoying pursuing upland game and deer, elk, bear, wild boar and antelope in Michigan, Washington, California, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota , Mexico and Argentina. I was fortunate to hunt on the Main Salmon at a hunting/fishing lodge called the Shepp Ranch for 21 years and watched the wolves dramatically reduce the elk herd which had been abundant for 50 plus years before.

On one such trip in 2003 into the Salmon River back county I witnessed a herd of 150 to 200 elk being terrorized by a large wolf pack. The pack crossed a trail in front of us and we counted 18 of them so we knew it was a big pack. The elk were running up and down the steep slopes with their tongues hanging out. It was sad to see their fear as they literally ran for their lives.

Though I have continued to go elk hunting I haven’t harvested an elk since 2009 because my heart wasn’t in taking an elk with the wolves destroying those magnificent animals.

I have been passionate critic of how the wolves were forced on our state by people who have never set foot in Idaho and could not find us on a map. But what has been really upsetting was the wolf worshippers deceit in not living up to the agreed conditions I.E. the number of wolves in Idaho.

I believe in the mission and goals of the Foundation for Wildlife Management and that without this group fear we could easily see the end of big game hunting and ranching in Idaho.

Stan Myers

Board Member


I Iive near Hope, Idaho with my wonderful wife, Edel, two children, Michael and Emily and a chocolate lab named Huffy. I am a fourth-generation resident of northern Idaho and graduated from Clark Fork High School in 1980. I have both a B.S. and M.S. in Geology from the University of Idaho and have worked in the mining industry all over the world for 32 years. At my core, I am a passionate hunter and wise-use conservationist. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Bonner County Sportsman Association and I am a certified Hunter Education instructor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.  

I began elk hunting in 1972 and in those days our elk stayed in the high country and wintered on the lower slopes of the mountains. That all changed after wolves were reintroduced. Moose were initially hit the hardest.  It was once common to see moose everywhere in northern Idaho, but they quickly became scarce and outdoorsman began to sound the alarm. We then saw significant reductions of elk and mule deer herds and large shifts in habits, with elk finding refuge from wolves in the valleys. Many elk calves are now born in the valleys and never leave, greatly reducing elk numbers in the mountains. 

Nowadays, a hunter can spend days hunting through areas that once had some of the greatest numbers of elk in Idaho and not even see an elk. Hunting elk is a time-honored tradition for many Idaho families, including staying in elk camps, bonding with family and friends and connecting to the outdoors. Sadly, this tradition has been destroyed in many parts of Idaho. Wolves multiply quickly and must be balanced with big game herds. We need your support to reimburse the expenses of wolf trappers and hunters, so that we can restore and keep more elk and other big game in the mountains, where they belong. 

Anthony (Tony) McDermott

Board Member


Life-long hunter and fisherman. Born (1943) and raised in Montana. Following high school work as a logger and hunting guide while attending the University of Montana. Drafted into the US Army in the fall of 1965. Commissioned as an infantry officer, attended airborne school, ranger school, and flight school. Served 22 months as a huey/cobra pilot in Vietnam. Obtained a graduate degree from Central Michigan University, attended the US Army Command and General staff school retiring from the US Army as the professor of military science, University of Montana in 1992. Served as the family back country packer owning horses and mules for the past 50 years. Life member of RMEF, NRA and North American Hunting Club. Served as the Panhandle Fish and Game Commissioner (2005-2013). Currently serving as the Idaho Sportsmen representative to State Wolf Control Board. Totally dedicated to F4WM’s mission of sensible wolf management in maintaining healthy wildlife populations. Committed to opposing anti-hunting organized efforts that line the pockets of attorney’s and in most cases do nothing for the benefit of wildlife or conservation programs.

Eric Jeffres

Board Member


I am a fourth generation Sandpoint native and I graduated from Sandpoint High in 1988. I then spent 4 years in the U S Navy on the USS Constellation CV-64 Aircraft Carrier traveling the world. I came home to the family business in 1992. I lived in Hope Id for 20 years where I raised three wonderful sons all attending Clark Fork High. I have been an avid hunter all my life mainly archery and rifle for big game. I was a volunteer fire fighter for 20 years when I lived in Hope. I have been a member of numerous boards and committees including the Panhandle Building Contractors Association. Hope volunteer fire fighter, Clark Fork Boosters, I also am an assistant coach at Clark Fork High school for the football program. I have spent 25 years coaching or officiating everything from Baseball, basketball and football at all ages while my boys have been growing up. I love the outdoors and all sports. The reason I am so passionate about the F4WM is like many of you I have been a outdoorsman for most of my life and over the past 15-20 years I have seen the decline in all big game with the exception of the predators. Wolfs, mountain lions, etc. I spend most of my spare time in the woods and outdoors and over the past years the animals numbers have gone down considerably especially the moose and elk. I know some areas the elk have just moved to other areas but without a doubt some units the numbers are declining if not disappearing all together. I love this community and the area and want to see my kids and grandchildren be able to enjoy the same things I have for so many years. I feel we can do that if we work with some of the other organizations and fish and game to manage our large game and bring the elk and moose and mule deer back to our back country.

Holly Jepson
Board Member

Sandpoint Chapter Chair


I’m a lifelong resident of North Idaho, went to school in Priest River, Idaho where I consumed my life in basketball, and tons of outdoor activities. After graduating I tried the college thing out at North Idaho College. Being involved with my family and farm, I missed helping my parents. I just wanted to work and enjoy the farm and woods with my family and friends. Working on the farm and being a logger’s daughter taught me more than the average kids’ knowledge of television and video games. Knowing what kind of renewable resource state we live in is amazing and being a part of a family’s business taught me to be smart, ethical, kind hearted, and how to handle extreme hard decisions. I’m a very proud mom of a very special 10-year-old girl, Haylee Mae Jepson. She is the light of my life and the reason I work so hard at passing on what my dad and mom have taught me through the years. I feel like a gazillionaire knowing what I know, seeing what I’ve seen, I know I’m only 34 years old, but what I have shoved into those 34 years is priceless.

I’ve worked hard since moving back to Oldtown, Idaho where I reside. My heart lives at Priest Lake, Idaho where I was lucky to grow up and now spend most of my time at. I am the daughter of Ginny Jepson, and the past President of the Intermountain Fur Harvester’s, A Board Member of the Foundation of Wildlife Management, and board member of the Idaho Trappers Association, and a Board member of the Priest Lake Sportsman’s Association, the North Idaho Trapping Legacy Delbert Jepson. I’ve trapped alongside of Delbert, my Dad, since I was able to walk. I enjoy trapping more than any other adventure. I am an avid outdoorsman from many different kinds hunting, fishing, hiking, and trapping. I’ve been involved with the Intermountain Fur Harvesters, Priest Lake Sportsman’s Association, Foundation for Wildlife Management, and a follower of the Idaho Trappers Association. Trapping is where my heart and soul lives. Not always about catching but getting to experience the world in front of me and using its beauty to live life to its fullest achievements. In my opinion we are the luckiest people of any state, for what we get to do in our woods. I’ve always taken pride in helping people in everyday life. I’ve helped instruct hunters safety for Idaho Fish and Game, coach little kids’ basketball, t-ball, and softball. I like to give back for everyone who has ever taken time to teach me. I always have had a determination in life to lead in ideas and strive to be the best at whatever I put mind too. I believe if we all get involved and being a leader in what we pass on our traditions to our future generations, so our future can have the same elegant experiences that we have got to share growing up and living in Idaho.

My dad always said, I will leave it better then I found it, and remember no matter if you’re elk, deer, bear, lion, moose, wolf or a trapper, archer, hound, bird, rifle, muzzleloader hunter, WE ARE ALL SPORTSMEN, REMEMBER, “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.” I am honored to be apart of the Foundation for Wildlife Management and I look forward to our future!

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